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Bachelor of Arts!

It has been a while since my last blogpost. That is mostly because I have been very busy, not only with some really cool projects for MiZz, but also with something else very exciting: graduating!

I can now tell you with a lot of pride, that I am officially graduated from the Jan des Bouvrie academy. That means I have got my Bachelor of Arts. Feels amazing! I want to thank everyone who is helped my during this road, who has been there to guide me and cheer me on. It has been a journey, but I can say that I am extremely proud.

What will happen now? I am going to focus on new exciting and fun projects for MiZz, and I am very curious about what the future is going to bring. But I am mostly very excited about it. There will also be a lot more blogposts from now on, because I have a lot to share with you. Beside all of that there are some more things going on, like YouTube video's, Instagram posts and since a few weeks MiZz is now also active on TikTok. I hope to see you again somewhere.

For now some pretty pictures from the graduation last Friday in the Lebuinuschurch in Deventer. I had my own stand there with my graduation project. Images of this will follow soon, so keep an eye open for the website and the other social media's!

Lots of love,


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