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Antonius Abtkerk

Today we start with a whole new project, and a very special one at that!

With some of the students, whom are also from the Jan des Bouvrie academy, we are going to start on a design for the Antonius Abtchurch in Volkel. Yesterday we got to see the church from the inside, which is a beautiful monumental building.

The church was build in 1938, and after that nothing has been changed. The history of this building goes further back. That is why the church has many special elements, an example being the gorgeous stained glass, the vaults and the art. The church definitely left an impression.

At this moment we are still in the research part of the project. What does that mean? Simply said it means that we are going to look in to what we can do with the church. Users research, surroundings research and also what kind of functions will need to take their places in the church. Contact will be made with different parties, whom will all have a different say in the end result.

We will have half a year or the entire design, which means there will be more updates soon. I hope you are just as excited as I am, because this is going to be an incredible project!

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