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Living room

Son .'s family

Bathroom design, family van Son, 2021

Phases: 1 to 3

Skills: Vectorworks, SketchUp, Photoshop, Enscape


You need the warmth of the sun in contrast to the coolness of the moon. The combination of these two allows the sunflower and moonflower to grow.

The sunflower is the core of warmth, the moonflower the core of coolness. But they need each other's strength to live.

This is reflected in the design through the warm colors of the sunflower (yellow, orange, brown) and the cool colors of the moonflower (white, green, black). 

Both flowers live in the moment. Something that is also important for Son's family. Therefore, the design takes into account that it does not become too modern, technology is placed out of sight.


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