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A space always has something to do with someone. It brings out a certain feeling. What this feeling does to you and how this comes across, that is where my task comes up.

Tell a story, show what a space can do for you. That is something I find very important as a designer. Creating a place that really suits you, a place to come home to. Whether this is an office, a house, or whatever you can think of. Every place has its own story that can be told.

Together we look for a way to bring this to the fore. Searching for innovative solutions that keep pace with the times. Solutions that are sustainable, but also really suit you. Endless options, choices and goals. Ultimately, we will always arrive at the desired result.

As a designer I will always ensure that design remains a challenge. That there is always a search for new possibilities and that there is never anything too crazy to do. Bring out the enthusiasm in people and realize what they really want! In a playful and familiar way.

A true reflection of your vision, your ideas and your dream!

Meet Lara

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